Art & Design Qualifications

Art & Design Qualifications Summary:

Diploma; Interior Design, Certificate; Further Web Design, Postgraduate Diploma; Advanced Graphic Design, BA (Hons) Degree; Graphic Design & Illustration, HND; Graphic Design, Btec Foundation Studies Diploma; Art & Design, A Level; Art & Design & GCSE; Art & Design:

Diploma: Interior Design;

Interior Design Institute, Covent Garden, London

Course Summary: Twelve Modules; 1. The Visual Language of Design, 2. The History of Style Decoration & Architecture, 3. Styles of Design, 4. Scale - Space Planning & Proportion, 5. Light & Lighting, 6. Colour, 7. Finishes - Floors, Walls, Ceilings, 8. Fabrics, Window Treatments & Home Textiles, 9. Furniture Art & Accessories, 10. Your Client - How to Listen & Create the Environment they Desire, 11. Communicating Accurately, 12. Setting up your Business

Certificate; Further Web Design using Dreamweaver
Canterbury College, Canterbury, Kent

Postgraduate Diploma: Advanced Graphic Design with Distinction;
Oxford Media & Business School, St Aldates, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Course Summary: IT; PC & Mac Skills, Design Theory, Editorial Design, Proofreading, Professional Practice, Copyright & Intellectual Property Law, Personal Development, Career Development.

BA (Hons): Graphic Design & Illustration (De Montfort University Degree);

North Oxfordshire School of Art & Design, Banbury, Oxfordshire (now Banbury & Bicester College)

Thesis: Modernist & Postmodernist Architecture

Course Summary: Graphic Communication, Graphic Literacy & Visual Problem-Solving, Photography (professional studio), Digitally Produced Imagery, Cultural & Supporting Studies.

Higher National Diploma: Graphic Design;
Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, Kent (now University for the Creative Arts)
[Edexcel Accredited HND]

Thesis: Modernist Architecture (Merit)

Course Summary: Managing & Developing Self, Managing Tasks & Solving Problems, Design Process, Research & Interpretation, Visualisation, Printmaking, Photography, Computer Aided Design & Illustration, Typographic Design & Illustration, Production Technology, Typography, Visual Studies, Business & Professional Practice, Cultural & Supporting Studies, Communication, Applying: Numeracy, Technology, Design & Creativity. This course also included life drawing classes.

Btec Foundation Studies Diploma: Art & Design;

Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, Kent (now UCA)

Course Summary: Photography, Graphic Design & Illustration, Fashion & Textiles, 3D Design, Fine Art (including life drawing), Cultural Studies; Art & Design History, Printmaking: Etching & Screen Printing. Before selecting graphic design as a pathway.

A Level: Art & Design;
(coursework with fine art life drawing option on final exam)
Canterbury College, Canterbury, Kent

GCSE: Art & Design;
(coursework with graphic design option on final exam)
Westlands School, Sittingbourne, Kent

Other Qualifications

A Level:
English Lit, British & European History

English Lang, English Lit, Maths, History, Law, German, Physics, IT, Geography
Canterbury College, Canterbury, Kent and Westlands School, Sittingbourne, Kent


Wyvern Press Prize for Art & Design